Attractive gains despite lulls


Your needs
You have moderate to high risk tolerance. And you expect certain markets to remain flat or rise only slightly, so you are looking for ways to nevertheless bring in some attractive returns.

Our products
The idea behind our Optimisation products is that you receive a fixed coupon that lets you secure attractive returns as long as the underlying keeps within the expected range. If markets perform better than you have anticipated, however, and rise considerably, you will lose out on earnings opportunities. You can choose from a whole range of different underlyings.


If the underlying – a share, for example – moves only minimally as you have expected, you will be considerably better off than with a direct investment in that share.

These products ultimately carry the same risk as their underlyings, although the garanteed coupon means that the risk of making a loss is slightly smaller. You should also be aware that you will miss out on earnings opportunities if the underlying were to rise sharply, contrary to your expectations.

Key product types

  • GOAL

  • Kick-In GOAL

  • Worst of Kick-In GOAL


Tailored solutions

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