A good tour guide offers valuable support, keeps an eye on everything at all times, and helps you take the right decisions.

With UBS Advice, investors have access to the analyses, market assessments and recommendations of our UBS global expert network. Your personal advisor will offer proposals to you, but you take all the decisions. So your advisor is like a personal co-pilot.

UBS Advice: explained in brief

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Crucial support from UBS Advice based on analysis, strategy and discipline:




The UBS Portfolio Health Check monitors your portfolio for the following seven risks:

  1. Expected volatility of the assets compared with the range set for your investment strategy
  2. Overshooting of investment limits within the asset allocation
  3. Cluster risks for individual securities
  4. Excessive weighting of a single issuer (e.g. for structured products)
  5. Securities that the bank recommends selling
  6. Fixed-interest securities that drop below a certain minimum credit rating
  7. Securities that are outside the UBS research universe

Depending on the investment solution you choose, you can benefit from a portfolio health check at different times.

Financial Personality Test

If you want to find the right investment strategy, it’s important to assess your risk tolerance correctly. That’s where the UBS Financial Personality Test comes in.