Tax planning So you only pay what you have to

The law offers several possibilities for optimizing your taxes – we’ll show you how.

We can help you grow your after-tax returns by optimizing the structure of your assets within the legal requirements. This is especially useful for more complex asset structures. Our specialists will actively assist you with comprehensive tax advice on issues ranging from planning asset structures to finding the right legal structure. Our aim is to optimize your tax burden.

Tax planning

Comprehensive tax planning

We’ll give you a thorough analysis so that you can arrange your tax situation optimally in Switzerland. This will take a range of factors into account. To put this into practice, we work with proven internal experts, and tried and tested external specialists if necessary. 

The benefits of tax planning

  • Identification of tax planning options in line with to Swiss tax legislation
  • Adjustment of investment decisions taking into account earnings after tax
  • Enjoyment of any applicable tax savings

To make your life easier when it comes to taxes, you can rely on our support in the following specific areas:

Analysis of your most recent tax declaration

You can benefit from our analysis of your most recent personal Swiss tax declaration. During a personal consultation, we'll show you any potential for optimizing your taxes.

Preparation of your tax declaration

We are your point of contact for all matters related to your personal Swiss tax declaration. We will advise you, prepare your tax declaration on request, and act as your personal representative with the tax authorities.

Penalty-free voluntary disclosure

If you hold previously untaxed assets, as a result of an inheritance for example, on request we can offer you comprehensive, discreet advice on submitting an amended tax declaration.

Your benefits:

  • Discussions with us on suggestions for improvement
  • Optimization of your overall tax situation
  • Opportunity to organize your retirement planning and succession

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive service from a single source
  • You save time and effort when preparing your tax declaration and answering questions from the tax authorities. We will check all the valuations and tax calculations for you, and identify potential discrepancies

Your benefits:

  • Rectification of your tax situation
  • We will put together all the necessary documents for the tax authorities
  • No involvement of external third parties in this delicate situation