Alternative investments Useful additions for a better risk-return ratio

Alternative investments are an important strategic component of a well-diversified portfolio. Their performance often runs counter to that of traditional investments because they are less affected by interest rate changes and the equity markets. When added to a portfolio, alternative investments can improve its risk-return ratio.

Alternative investments

What are alternative investments?

Alternative investments such as hedge funds and private investments are investment instruments whose risks and performance depend mainly on investment know-how, and less on a commitment to a specific market segment.

Hedge funds

Hedge funds are investment vehicles that give fund managers particularly broad scope for action. Hedge funds let you take advantage of opportunities from a range of investment classes. They involve a wide variety of techniques and products (derivatives) and require active portfolio management. Our aim is to achieve more stable returns whilst limiting the risk of downward trends. If you are willing to accept moderate illiquidity, you can improve your returns by diversifying their sources.

Private investments

Some 95 percent of all US companies are privately owned. So private investments give you access to a wider investment universe than is available via traditional investment classes. Private investments cover a range of investment strategies, including private equity, private placements and real assets. Private investments could suit you if you are prepared to tie up capital for several years.

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