Co-browsing: Show us what you need

Sometimes you have questions you don't know how to put into words. This is why we offer co-browsing. During a co-browsing session, you have your client advisor on the telephone and allow them to take a quick look at what you can currently see in E-Banking. This enables them to directly optimize new investment ideas, the latest research information or your portfolio development with you.

Are you a UBS Wealth Management client and do you already have a Digital Banking contract? If so, we are pleased to be able to offer you this new service. Take advantage of the opportunity now.

For technical support in E-Banking, please contact our Digital Banking hotline. You can also find all the answers to your questions on our help portal:

The most important benefits in a nutshell


Your client advisor lines up everything for the session – no prior knowledge necessary


  • No need to download any software – start the session straight away in E-Banking 
  • All your data stays on your computer – the client advisor has no access to it


  • You can establish the connection any time 
  • No need to arrange an appointment at a branch office