Shop online easily
and securely

Last year, Swiss consumers ordered goods worth just under 9 billion francs online. And the trend is set to continue. That’s why we’ve taken a close look at five situations where it’s possible to make your online shopping not only easier, but also more secure.


Forgotten your password for an online shop?

The more online shops you visit, the more passwords you need to remember. It's easy to forget one.

Forget it: You can store passwords in our free UBS Safe app or in your browser via UBS Safe. For maximum security, Safe even generates unique passwords for you.


Feel insecure when you make online purchases by credit card?

You need a credit card to pay for purchases in a growing number of online shops.

No worries: Prefer online shops that use 3-D Secure as an additional security standard. In these shops, you provide additional confirmation for every credit card purchase via the UBS Access app, for complete peace of mind.


Lost track of your credit card expenses?

Credit cards are a popular, and frequent, means of payment. You often don’t discover the amounts that have been debited until the end of the month.

No problem: Thanks to notifications sent directly to your mobile device, you’ll be kept constantly informed of your card expenses.


Lost time typing in the reference number of a payment slip?

Shopping via invoice is practical if you think you might need to return some of the items – there's no need to wait for a reimbursement.

More efficiency: Scan the payment slip directly with our Mobile Banking app. Quickly and easily.


Reached your card limit sooner than expected?

No matter how nice it is to indulge in an online shopping spree, it may mean that you reach your card limit sooner than you’d hoped.

Keep an overview: You can retrace your card transactions in our Mobile Banking app and in e-banking at any time. If necessary, it only takes a few clicks to increase your credit card limit by making a payment from your account.

Card tips

Manage your credit cards online. Has your credit card stopped working? You can easily order a replacement card, directly in the Mobile Banking app.

Security tips

Security is a top priority. If your credit cards are lost of stolen, block them conveniently online straight away (even on your smartphone).

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