You are unable to make a payment or withdraw cash using a credit card / prepaid card. What can I do?

Please check the limit of your credit card or the credit on your prepaid card in E-Banking or Mobile Banking.

  1. Log on to E-Banking.
  2. Navigate to “Cards > Account & expenses > Current transactions”.
  3. You can see the available credit / balance under “Available amount ”.
  1. Log on to the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Navigate to “Cards > Credit & prepaid”.
  3. Select the corresponding card.
  4. You can see the currently available amount under “Available ”.

If you still cannot make a payment or cash withdrawal, please contact our customer service hotline.

Used up your limit or credit balance?

If you have used up your limit or the credit balance on your prepaid card, you can increase the limit/credit balance yourself in just a few seconds.