You are unable to make a payment or withdraw cash using a credit card / prepaid card. What can I do?

Please check the limit of your credit card or the credit on your prepaid card in E-Banking or Mobile Banking.

  1. Log on to E-Banking.
  2. Navigate to “Cards > Account & expenses > Current transactions”.
  3. You can see the available credit / balance under “Available amount ”.
  1. Log on to the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Navigate to “Cards > Credit & prepaid”.
  3. Select the corresponding card.
  4. You can see the currently available amount under “Available ”.

If you still cannot make a payment or cash withdrawal, please contact our customer service hotline.

Used up your limit or credit balance?

If you have used up your limi t or the credit balance on your prepaid card, you can increase the limit/credit balance yourself in just a few seconds.