Why am I unable to make a purchase or withdraw money?

Is it possible that you have used up the limit on your credit card or the balance on your prepaid card? You can easily check your available credit/balance using the UBS Mobile Banking app and UBS e-banking, and transfer money to your card at the same time.

Via mobile banking

Enter your access details into the Mobile Banking app and open the menu. Select “Cards” to bring up the card overview.

Via e-banking

You can of course check your available credit/balance in UBS e-banking.

  1. Log in and then select «Cards»
  2. You can see the available credit/balance under «Current transactions»

Selecting «Payments > Payment» to card allows you to increase the amount available on your card in the space of a few seconds.

Would you like to permanently change the limit on your credit card? Simply complete a card limit amendment form (PDF, 449 KB), sign it and return it to us. We are happy to consider your request for a higher limit.

Please contact our customer service team if you have not used up your limit or balance but are still unable to make a purchase or withdraw cash. We are here for you 24 hours a day. You can find our telephone number in the right-hand column.


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