3-D Secure

Pay securely with your credit card in online shops

Many online shops use 3-D Secure to ensure risk-free card payments. Thanks to our app, you can approve your payments easily and securely.

3-D Secure at a glance


Reduced risk of fraud with online payments on your credit card

Confirm online payments

Confirm via the app or SMS code

Quickly and conveniently

Confirm in a few steps

Confirm online credit card payments on the app: how it works

Confirm your card payments in online shops with 3-D Secure in just a few steps with the UBS Access App.

1. Download the Access app

Download the UBS Access app onto your smartphone:

2. Activate the app

Follow the step-by-step guide in the Access App and
allow push notifications.

3. Confirm online purchases

When you use your credit card, you’ll receive a push notification via the Access App to confirm your payment.

Alternatively, you can approve card payments via an SMS code. You can also enter your mobile number in E-Banking for security notifications.

If you have a UBS Credit Card but no UBS account or access to Digital Banking, you can register using the instructions at the following link.

The best way is to use the UBS Access App as described above. Alternatively, you can register for 3-D Secure using the following options.

The easiest way to register is to use the UBS Access App, as described above. Alternatively you can find further options via the following link.

Holders of Visa Buyer’s Cards can only use the new 3-D Secure procedure if the card is issued in the name of the cardholder (i.e., the employee, not the company). If this is the case, online purchases can be confirmed via the Access App or SMS code. For more information, see “Register for 3-D Secure with corporate cards” (above).

A new Visa Buyer’s Card in the name of the employee can be ordered using the following form:

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