3-D Secure

Secure online payments

Many online shops use 3-D Secure to ensure risk-free card payments. Confirm online payments easily and securely with the Access app.

New 3-D Secure at a glance


Reduced risk of fraud when you pay online with your credit card

Confirm payment

Confirm online payments with the Access app or an SMS code

Easy to use

No other passwords necessary

Even more secure from June 2018: 3-D Secure via the Access app

  • From June 2018 cardholders with their own UBS account and digital banking can confirm online purchases easily and securely in the Access app or via an SMS code.
  • The new procedure will be available in 2019 for private cardholders without their own UBS account (such as partner cards) as well as for all corporate cards.

Confirm payments with your smartphone

The UBS Access app offers the highest security standards for online purchases made with a credit card.

1. Download the Access app

Download the Access app on your smartphone:

2. Activate the app

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Access app and enable push notifications.

3. Confirm online purchases

When you use your credit card, you’ll receive a push notification via the Access app to confirm your payment. Fast, easy and secure.

Confirm online payments easily and securely with an SMS code. Just save your mobile phone number for security notifications in e-banking. You can also make your e-banking even more secure under "Settings > Security."

Provided that you have access to digital banking, you can use your card with this new function and confirm online purchases with the Access app or your saved mobile phone number.

Without access to digital banking, you’ll continue using the static 3-D Secure password (see "Confirm online purchases without UBS account or digital banking access").

Card holders who don't have access to digital banking or a bank account will continue to use the password-based 3-D Secure process. To register, you’ll need your credit card and card account number (you can find it on your monthly statement), the validity date of your card and the card verification code (CVV).

Define a new password now or change your current password at the following link: