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Sustainability is an issue that can no longer be ignored. Both by investors, in their approach to investments, and by entrepreneurs who want to remain competitive on international markets today and in the future.

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Vision, sustainability and value of skills are the basis of the entrepreneurial philosophy of Federico Grom, founder of his gelateria and now protagonist of other successful entrepreneurial stories, from the Mura Mura winery to the Corsi.it training platform. Find out what he told us and what inspires his way of doing business in this episode of Soldi TV.

Although the last decade has not been brilliant for the Italian economy, many companies have been able to establish themselves globally thanks to vision and courage. Qualities that can be found in Sideralba, a leading Italian steel company. Today in its second generation, which finds in internationalization, sustainability and digitalization, the main strategic pillars for sustainable growth. Paolo Federici, UBS and Luigi Rapullino, CEO of Sideralba, talked about it.

In all sectors, companies are called to renew themselves, without betraying their history, often family history. Paolo Federici, Market Head of UBS WM in Italy, discussed it with Pietro Marzano and Antonio Marzano, heads of Gruppo Marzano, a leader company in sale, logistics and distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

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