UBS for women

Changing the face of wealth

Globally, only two in five women say they are confident about their financial knowledge. Moreover researches show that most of the women are likely to believe they know less than the average investor, when compared with men.

We are committed to improving women’s financial confidence and better serving their needs, so we can make a profoundly positive impact.

That’s why we have been working closely with our female clients for two years to understand how the wealth management industry needs to evolve to better serve their needs.

UBS Investor Watch 2019 – Own your worth

For our latest UBS Investor Watch, we conducted extensive research to study how women around the world engage with their finances.

We wanted to know: How do women around the world approach their financial well-being? Are they fully engaged in the financial decisions that affect them? And if not, why not?

How do you improve your financial confidence?

Confidence counts for so much in life. It helps you get the dream job you want, take on the challenges others consider too hard and navigate the obstacles life can throw at you.

Financial confidence is an important part of this. It helps you take control of your financial situation and gives you a much stronger chance of fulfilling the goals that matter to you.

UBS launches new Gender Equality ETF

The results of a two year research show that women are more interested in investing in a more social responsible way and in companies which have strongly developed a gender equality consciousness.

This is the reason why we have decided to add to our "impact investing" solutions an offer specifically dedicated to gender equality.

The ETF is a joint collaboration between UBS Asset Management and UBS Wealth Management and is part of UBS's commitment to sustainable and impact investing.

UBS ETF Global Gender Equality invests into 100 companies with a focus on diversity of corporate boards and senior leadership positions and selected upon criteria promoted by the United Nations.

UBS will dedicate 5% of management fees received in relation to the ETF, to philanthropic projects supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 5 via the UBS Optimus Foundation.

UBS for women

How can I best plan my financial life? How can I keep my living standards unchanged in the future? How to assure the wealth of my loved ones?

Find out how to answer these questions by joining in on of the next exclusive women's events organized by UBS.