Outlook and analysis

How might new economic and social trends affect your wealth? And how can you help keep your finances on track? Get the facts in our global studies.

UBS Investor Watch on the Year Ahead

As we begin not just another year but a new decade, UBS decided to look at how investors globally are preparing for the future.

UBS Investor Watch 2019 – Own your worth

For our latest UBS Investor Watch, we conducted extensive research to study how women around the world engage with their finances.

We wanted to know: How do women around the world approach their financial well-being? Are they fully engaged in the financial decisions that affect them? And if not, why not?

UBS Investor Watch – Return on values

Every day, wealthy investors make spending, philanthropic and even career decisions to help make the world a better place. But when it comes to investing, few investors act with the same sense of purpose – yet.

How are people earning and spending? Find out in UBS Prices and Earnings: our global survey on the prices of 128 goods and services, and earnings for 15 professions in 77 cities worldwide. You can easily search, explore and share information on places you are interested in using the "digital search engine".

The food revolution – The future of food and the challenges we face

With available resources and arable land dwindling, farmers are facing a predicament – how can they feed a growing and urbanizing population without further harming the planet? Technology holds the key.

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