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Investing in Private Markets

Private Markets will continue to grow in the coming years, confirming a trend already underway.
The search for alternative returns to traditional classes and the possibility of diversifying by investing in unlisted high-potential companies or real assets pushes more and more investors, professional and not, to invest in Private Markets

UBS My Way. Build your portfolio within minutes

Would you like a solution that combines extreme customization, diversification and delegation of daily management and operational activities? With UBS My Way, we are at your side to help you combine around 60 diversified building blocks and create a truly tailor-made solution for you.

Sustainable investments. Our preferred recommendation.

At UBS, we've just made sustainable investments our preferred recommendation for private clients investing globally.

Discover The Dictionary of Sustainability, which tells the best stories of sustainability by those who do business for the benefit of their industry and for a better future.

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