About us

UBS in Italy

In Italy we have been at your side for over 20 years, offering our country the experience and skills acquired by UBS Wealth Management worldwide.

With over 500 employees and direct operations in 12 major Italian cities, we are the first specialised operator in private banking in terms of volume management. In order to access our services and solutions a minimum deposit of 500,000 euros is required.

We operate in Italy via UBS Fiduciaria too, one of the first operators in the Italian trust field. An ongoing history of growth.

Our offices

We are pleased to welcome you in our offices in many Italian cities.
Or if you prefer we may come and see you wherever you think it convenient.

We invite you to get to know us. We are closer to you than you might think.

UBS worldwide

Investors, companies and institutions from around the world have come to UBS for more than 150 years requesting our advice, experience and solutions to protect their family assets or business, manage their risk and invest in the future.

Our offices in over 45 countries worldwide guarantee our clients access to a platform of excellence that internationally leverages our wealth management, investment banking and asset management departments.


We work hard to make the world a better place and we are grateful that the industry recognizes our efforts.

It really means a lot to us being ranked first for expertise in sustainable products and impact investments.

Social Responsibility

Economic gap and social inclusion do not have an impact only on our country.

UBS Community Affairs is a UBS programme aiming to give equal opportunities for growth and development to disadvantaged people, supporting entrepreneurship and training projects in the local communities where the Group operates.

UBS Community Affairs has been active in Italy since 2007 with a programme including several areas of intervention:

Long-term collaborations with non-profit associations recognised locally. Together we develop projects with a concrete and measurable impact. The bank's contribution is of financial nature, but there is more to it: our employees are at the forefront in shaping such initiatives according to their skills alongside professionals from the social field.

UBS employees are involved in local projects as volunteers. Several thousand colleagues actively participate worldwide.

All employees participate in programmes collecting clothing and books for weaker communities.

UBS contributes to the support of non-profit organisations of social value to which employees choose to make their own donations.

As a matter of fact the bank doubles the amounts allocated by each individual contributor based on careful evaluation as well as transparent shared criteria.