The Dictionary of Sustainability

Smart Investing, Sustainable Investing

Sustainability will become the new normal in the investment world. This results from combining a positive impact in the world with financial returns that are often better than those of traditional approaches.

The (post) pandemic era is accelerating this trend: an increasing number of investors have already chosen sustainable investments for their performances—even in times of great volatility—and to position their portfolios for future challenges (click here to find out more).

The Dictionary of Sustainability tells the best stories of sustainability by those who do business for the benefit of their industry and for a better future.

We asked some of these entrepreneurs to choose the word that best represents their commitment to sustainability.

Discover them below!


November 23th 2020  -

The future of food

The words of sustainability



The Dictionary of Sustainability
Milan, Triennale

27th May 2019


The Dictionary of Sustainability

7th October 2019


The Dictionary of Sustainability
Padua, KUBE

20th November 2019


The Dictionary of Sustainability
Turin, Museo Ettore Fico

18th February 2020

A sustainable future is the goal of each of us.

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