The Dictionary of Sustainability

Smart Investing, Sustainable Investing

Sustainability will become the new normal in the investment world. It is thanks to the opportunity of combining a positive impact in the world, with financial returns that are often better than traditional approaches.

The Dictionary of Sustainability tells the best stories of sustainability by those who do business, for the benefit of their industry and a better future.

We asked entrepreneurs to choose the word that best represents their commitment to sustainability.

The words of sustainability

Beauty (Istituto Ganassini)

The essential at the service of Beauty

Istituto Ganassini is a leading company in the pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic sector.

For over eighty years it has been producing innovative dermocosmetics, with classic brands and industry leaders.

An integral part of the history of the Institute is the commitment to respecting the environment and the consumer, recently strengthened through the creation of a new line of entirely sustainable products. It uses the citrus fruits of the Gargano, part of the Slow Food movement.

Recreate (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana)

Sustainability, an instrument of leadership in the Italian fashion system

Sustainability is one of the pillars of the strategy of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion (CNMI), committed to making it the founding value and the success factor of the Italian fashion system, the world's leading luxury fashion producer.

Water (Irritec)

Save water, one drop at a time

Irritec is a leader in the drip irrigation sector.

Save the planet one drop at a time.

This is the mission that Irritec is bringing all over the world through smart irrigation solutions to improve irrigation efficiency in agriculture and gardening, trying to minimize the environmental impact and waste of one of the treasures of our time: water.

A sustainable future is the goal of each of us.

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