Share Repurchase Program


UBS Group AG intends to repurchase up to a maximum of USD 6 billion of its registered shares under its share repurchase program. This program started on 31 March 2022 and ends at the latest on 29 March 2024 or earlier, if either the maximum amount of USD 6 billion has been reached or 10% of the registered share capital has been repurchased. Based on the closing price of the UBS registered share on the SIX Swiss Exchange on 28 March 2022 and the closing USD/CHF FX rate on 28 March 2022, this corresponds to some 315.3 million registered shares or around 8.52% of the registered share capital of UBS. The share repurchase will be conducted via a separate trading line on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The shares will be repurchased for the purpose of a capital reduction.

Detailed information on the share repurchase program can be found in the official notices below, available in German, French and English.

The maximum repurchase volume per day in accordance with art. 123 para. 1 lit. c of the Financial Market Infrastructure Ordinance (FMIO) is 4,204,521 shares.

Transactions conducted during the share repurchase program within and outside the program can be viewed in the below referenced PDF-documents.

Purchases of shares on the 1st trading line (outside the repurchase program) are made for hedging purposes of future share delivery obligations related to employee share-based compensation and participation plans.