Financial information

Quarterly reporting

We report our Group’s results for each financial quarter, including a breakdown of results by business division and disclosures or key developments relating to risk management and control, capital, liquidity and funding management. 

Annual reporting

The Annual Reports (the UBS Group AG Annual Report and the combined UBS Group AG and UBS AG Annual Report) include the consolidated financial statements of UBS Group AG and UBS AG, respectively, and provide comprehensive information about our firm, including our strategy, businesses, financial and operating performance, and other key information.

Pillar 3 disclosures

The Pillar 3 Report provides detailed quantitative and qualitative information about risk, capital, leverage and liquidity for the UBS Group and prudential key figures and other regulatory information for UBS AG standalone, UBS Switzerland AG standalone, UBS Europe SE consolidated and UBS Americas Holding LLC consolidated.

SEC and ESEF filings

As foreign private issuers, UBS Group AG and UBS AG file Annual Reports on Form 20-F with the SEC and submit their quarterly financial reporting to the SEC under Form 6-K. Additionally, as a foreign private issuer in the European Union, UBS AG files its financial statements in the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF).