Financial information


21 January 2020

Stimulus measures and easing of monetary policy by central banks contributed to a strong performance in financial markets in the fourth quarter and are likely to prevail. A favorable credit environment and a partial resolution of trade disputes should mitigate slowing global economic growth.

While the macroeconomic and geopolitical situation remains uncertain, for the first quarter we expect more typical seasonality, supporting earnings. Clients are more active, which should lead to an improvement in transaction-related revenues. Higher asset prices should have a positive effect on recurring fee income in our asset gathering businesses. Low and persistently negative interest rates and expectations of continuing easy monetary policy will continue to provide some headwinds to net interest income.

As we execute on our strategy, we are balancing investments to take advantage of opportunities for growth across our businesses and regions, while managing for efficiency. We remain committed to delivering on our financial targets, creating further value through even closer collaboration across all divisions to drive sustainable long-term value for our clients and shareholders.