Corporate Actions

Following is a list of the main corporate actions affecting our share capital on an as announced basis (not adjusted for subsequent corporate actions).

UBS Group AG


  • Issuance of 127,650,706 shares out of authorized share capital following private exchanges of UBS AG shares into UBS Group AG shares, and the successful completion of a court procedure under article 33 of the Swiss Stock Exchange Act (SESTA procedure) to cancel the remaining UBS AG shares that were held by UBS AG shareholders with a non-controlling interest.


  • In December 2014, the ordinary share capital of UBS Group AG was increased by CHF 24,155,376.60 out of authorized share capital, by means of a contribution in kind in the form of UBS AG shares either tendered in the additional acceptance period of the share-for-share exchange offer mentioned below or privately exchanged with various shareholders and banks in Switzerland and elsewhere outside the US after the end of the additional acceptance period on the same terms and conditions as the exchange offer.
  • Following a share-for-share exchange offer by UBS Group AG to acquire all issued shares of UBS AG, in order to become the holding company of the UBS Group, in November 2014 the ordinary share capital of CHF 100,000 was cancelled and subsequently increased to CHF 347,535,644.10 by means of a contribution in kind in the form of UBS AG shares that had been tendered in the offer. Additionally, authorized share capital of CHF 36,920,447.20 was created.
  • Incorporation in June 2014 with a share capital of CHF 100,000 and a conditional share capital of CHF 50,000.