Thinking about a trip to the bank? These 7 tips will save you the journey.


Spring is here and we want to be outside. With such nice weather, the idea of a walk to your nearest UBS branch might sound attractive. But why not do your banking on your smartphone from the comfort of your picnic blanket instead? Use these 7 handy tips to help you.

Tip #1

Stay up to date: messages about your card and account

Keep an eye on credit card movements and be automatically notified when you spend and receive money – via push notification, text message or email.

Tip #2

Pay payment slips in a flash with your smartphone

You received your online purchases a while ago but haven’t yet paid the bill? No need to worry about long reference numbers. Simply scan the invoice using the UBS Mobile Banking App and tap to send the payment.

Tip #3

Pay invoices automatically with UBS eBill

Do you still view and pay for each of your invoices individually? There’s no need. Instead, simply use the eBill function to determine from which billers and up to what amount invoices should be paid automatically – and you’re done!

Tip #4

Top up your credit card in seconds

Too many great offers, not enough credit? Make a payment directly from your account to your card – it will be topped up and ready to use within seconds.

Tip #5

Easier online purchases

Whether you’re ordering two pizzas or an entire pizza oven, paying is easier with the UBS TWINT App. Simply open the app, scan the QR code and pay with an elegant swipe.

Tip #6

Turn your smartphone into your wallet

You can now pay in stores using your smartphone, with no physical contact with the card terminal. Choose from Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay or our own "Mobile Pay” function.

Tip #7

Send currency easily and cheaply

Does a loved one live far away? Are relatives abroad in need of financial help? Send them money in one of over 120 currencies. Low costs and the exact transfer amount guaranteed.

You can activate the Mobile Banking app in just a few minutes

1. Install the app

Download the UBS Mobile Banking app for Android or iOS to your smartphone:

2. Log in and set up the app

Log in to the Mobile Banking app with the Access Card and card reader and follow the instructions in the app.

3. Activate the Access app for simple and secure login

The Access app lets you securely and conveniently log in and use all the functions without the Access Card and card reader.