Our workforce

With a broad range of businesses (and offices in 52 countries!) we're clearly global. But at the same time, we're truly local. We respect the cultures of the countries in which we operate, and we are actively engaged – as individuals and as a firm – in improving our local communities.

All of our businesses want to hire and retain a diverse range of highly qualified people. We are an equal opportunity employer; having the right people (in the right roles, at the right time) helps us excel now and prepare for future growth.

We want our people to have many opportunities to grow their careers here, and we fully support them in changing roles because:

  • Job mobility builds relationships across businesses and helps people better develop (and use) their skills. 
  • Deeper skills enable better client service and support long-term client satisfaction.

Fast facts: In 2016, Switzerland was our largest cross-border importer of employees; China was our largest exporter. Altogether, 1,005 employees switched to a job in another business division; 505 changed regions. And, 18,386 employees spent 155,325 hours volunteering. Here are some other key facts about us:

Our workforce at at glance1