Our corporate governance framework

Our cor­por­ate gov­ernance policies and pro­ced­ures are laid out in a series of doc­u­ments gov­ern­ing the or­gan­iz­a­tion and man­age­ment of UBS Group AG. Im­port­ant cor­por­ate gov­ernance doc­u­ments in­clude the Art­icles of As­so­ci­ation, the Or­gan­iz­a­tional Guidelines and Reg­u­la­tions, and the Charter for Group Internal Audit

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are the most senior constitutional document of UBS Group AG. They govern name, registered office, business objective, share capital, most senior corporate bodies, financial statements and appropriation of profits.

Valid as of 24 April 2024

The Organization Regulations of UBS Group AG

The Organization Regulations constitute the Group’s primary corporate governance guidelines establishing a corporate governance structure for UBS Group AG and its subsidiaries. 

Valid as of 1 March 2024

Charter for Group Internal Audit

In line with the Organization Regulations of UBS Group AG, this charter describes the role, responsibilities and authorities as well as the scope, objectives and position of Group Internal Audit.

Latest financial information and Annual General Meeting

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