Our brand

Banking is our craft

Our new brand platform that will reshape how our clients, prospects and investors perceive our firm. It goes far beyond being just a tagline.

Why “Craft”?

Craft demonstrates how our firm has elevated what we do to a level that distinguishes and differentiates us in the market. It conveys our dedication to clients, our Swiss heritage, and how we bring together our diverse capabilities to retain and attract clients in an ever-changing market landscape.

Nobel Perspectives

In a global, forward-thinking future, knowledge holds the key. That’s why we offer you credible information from Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, who answer the questions that shape our world.

We've teamed up with more than 56 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, who share their answers to some of the toughest challenges facing the world today. Don´t miss out and learn from the smartest minds in the financial field – dive into the world of UBS Nobel Perspectives.

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