Learning and development

Our employees can grow and succeed here – personally and professionally.

Our employees regularly build new skills in their daily work and through opportunities like stretch assignments, special projects, internal mobility, and both formal and informal mentoring relationships.

Training is also a regular part of everyone's experience. We have numerous courses in leadership development, business education and practical training, plus specialized options for specific divisions, regions and roles.

All employees can access eLearning and in-person training through our in-house UBS University, and we require all employees to complete certain specialized modules on conduct, risk, finance, compliance and other topics. These trainings add up. In 2019, our permanent employees participated in:

more than 1,100,000 learning activities

more than two days of training for each employee

What's it like to work here?

UBS University

Knowledge is what sets us apart and keeps us flexible and competitive, as a firm and as individuals. Learning plays a crucial role and at the center is our UBS University, a one-stop shop for all learning and development at UBS. Its offering ranges from online and in-person training to help all employees and line managers develop their professional skills, to highly specialized training and certification for specific business areas and support for lifelong learning.

Building a leadership culture

Our leaders are change agents, so all of our senior management development programs are designed to drive home the links among business strategy, effective leadership and the firm's values. For example, our Senior Leadership Program helps ensure managing directors with line manager responsibilities are aligned with our strategy, values and expectations.

Lifelong learning

Global demographic changes mean that people are working longer in a rapidly changing environment. Training and personal development are more important than ever, so many of our classes and events target experienced employees across the firm. One example is a lifelong learning initiative for employees in Switzerland (age 45+) that includes personal career planning sessions, language skills courses and social media training.