Learning and development

Investing in our employees so they can thrive, today and tomorrow

The future of work requires an agile and connected workforce. We’re helping our employees build skills to use now and nurture capabilities for the future, and we’re introducing hybrid and agile working practices across the firm. This paradigm shift is also why our training offering emphasizes future skills development and new ways of working. Our ultimate goal is to enable employees to thrive in a virtual environment and to remain lifelong learners.

Did you know?

“UBS employees around the world completed more than 1,327,000 learning activities last year – on average, that’s two full training days per employee.”

Nurturing great leaders

Leadership drives culture – the kind of agile, collaborative, inclusive and innovative culture that supports positive change for our clients, employees and society at large. That’s why we’ve got high expectations for all our leaders, and why we spell out those expectations – and accountability for living up to it – in our House View on Leadership. Key concepts of our philosophy are embedded in bespoke training and leadership development programs, and in our performance management and senior management recruiting processes. 

All of our leadership development programs aim to build skills, inspire, and promote agility, inclusive leadership and innovative thinking among current and future leaders. For example, our Leadership Summit is a forum for our most senior leaders to discuss and align with our purpose and strategy, in particular. Those leaders then make those concepts highly tangible within their teams, accelerating our transformation.

Learning for life

The world of work is changing, fast. More than ever, our in-house UBS University is helping our employees build skills to use now, along with new capabilities for the future. We offer industry-leading certification for client advisors, line manager and leadership development, advisory and sales training, digital and data literacy skills development, and practical learning bites on agile working and well-being topics, among others. We recently introduced foundational training on sustainability and sustainable finance and rolled out a new AI-powered learning experience platform that offers personalized training recommendations based on an employee’s unique needs and interests. And we’re serious about investing in our employees’ development – last year alone we spent more than USD 78m on training. Our employees made use of this offering and completed more than 1,327,000 learning activities, and an average of two full days of training per employee.

Career development

We want our employees to be able to build interesting careers here. One way we do that is through our innovative Career Navigator platform – a suite of self-service tools and resources that includes networking and mentoring opportunities, career path and training guidance, access to short-term rotations and mobility tools like an online job board accessed by almost 36,000 employees in 2022. A related skills-sharing platform has (so far) encouraged more than 7,000 employees to share their expertise with colleagues and internal recruiters alike.

Another way is through the wide array of employee development programs that we offer, including our LEAP and LEAD programs that focus specifically on high potential junior and senior employees respectively. Programs like this offer our employees the opportunity to develop skills, build their careers and benefit from internal mobility. Among participants, UBS has seen better performance and lower attrition. In addition, all UBS employees have access to a wide variety of learning modules through our UBS University. This one-stop shop connects employees to personalized and relevant career development opportunities.