Former corporate governance framework

Articles of Association

The former Articles of Association of Credit Suisse AG described the business purpose, and its basic organizational framework.

The following points were defined in the Articles of Association:

  • Corporate Name, Registered Office, Duration and Purpose
  • Share Capital and Shares
  • Debt Capital
  • The Governing Bodies of the Company
  • Financial Year and Allocation of the Net Profit
  • Dissolution and Liquidation of the Company
  • Official Notices and Announcements
  • Transitional Regulations

Organizational Guidelines and Regulations

The former Organizational Guidelines and Regulations of Credit Suisse AG defined the responsibilities and sphere of authority of the various bodies within Credit Suisse AG, as well as the relevant reporting procedures.

Scope and content:

  • Board of Directors
  • Management organization
  • Corporate Functions
  • Divisions
  • Regional management
  • Governance of CS Entities
  • Internal Audit
  • Special provisions