Candles aglow, children's eyes aglitter, and your credit card afire – it must be Christmastime again. Power your Christmas season by downloading our handy apps onto your smartphone and make the most, financially, of the 2020 holiday season.

Donate the next mulled wine

Do good in a flash with TWINT. Simply access the TWINT+ menu item and choose from hundreds of worthy causes. For example, you could donate the cost of a glass of mulled wine. After all, whether we open Christmas markets this year is still uncertain – not only because of the cold.

Help Santa Claus in faraway countries

Give gifts to friends and family even if (closed) borders are keeping you apart. In the UBS Mobile Banking App and UBS E-Banking, you can send money directly to your loved ones in over 120 foreign currencies. It may be that Santa Claus could use a little extra help..

Keep tabs on your spending when shopping online

Set up individual alerts in the Mobile Banking App so you always know what's going on with your account and cards; for example, for online payments or when certain spending limits are exceeded. Ideal for all those of us always tempted to spend more on Secret Santa than the agreed ten francs.

Seek and ye shall find – including passwords

Every year the hunt begins afresh . . . for the different passwords to those online shops that you registered with last Christmas. To help you keep track of your many distinct (and therefore more secure) passwords, UBS Safe is happy to store them for you.

Don't end up like Santa Claus

He probably retired a long ago – yet every year he's still forced to do heavy physical labor. Be smarter than Santa: save for your pension in a pillar 3a account. It's one way you can build up capital for your retirement – and cut your tax bill.

Important: The full amount you intend to pay into pillar 3a in 2020 must be booked in the pillar 3a account by 31 December 2020. Only this way can you still benefit from the tax advantages this year. Don't delay – open an account today.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Simply give the gift of charity. By donating to the UBS Optimus Foundation, you support projects aimed at improving the protection, education and health of children. Practical: you can donate directly in E-Banking, with KeyClub points or via TWINT.