Enjoy a stress-free Christmas season with our apps

Candles are often not the only thing that burn in the run-up to Christmas. Your credit cards may well start smoldering too. Keep an overview of your finances and have a wonderful, relaxing Advent. Our apps will be your own personal helpers.

Want to pay for the mulled wine without having to count out your small change?

TWINT lets you pay back your friends in less time than it takes to finish your drink. Simply define the amount, select the recipient from your list of contacts, and send them the money. Practical: with TWINT you can also pay securely in online shops or in store at the checkout.

Booked a spur-of-the-moment Christmas shopping trip abroad?

Whether you’re visiting a Christmas market in Nuremberg, treating yourself to a shopping spree in New York, or jetting off to the other side of the world to escape the crowds, order shopping money in a foreign currency easily in the UBS Mobile Banking App. You’ll receive it at your home within 1-2 work days.

Not sure whether your gifts will be appreciated?

Store all the receipts and guarantees easily in UBS Safe – and you’ll be ready to exchange any gifts that don’t fit the bill. Important emergency documents are also well protected in UBS Safe. For example copies of your ID documents for that last-minute flight to New York.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Simply give the gift of charity. By donating to the UBS Optimus Foundation, you support projects aimed at improving the protection, education and health of children. Practical: you can donate directly in E-Banking, with KeyClub points or via TWINT.

Our UBS apps

Thanks to our apps you’ll enjoy a stress-free Christmas season and get off to a relaxed start in 2020.

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