At UBS, we are dedicated to understanding your unique needs

In an increasingly complex and global marketplace, the ability to find a broker who can help you seek best execution - as efficiently as possible - is more important than ever.

This philosophy keeps us focused on developing innovative products and services that give you an edge.

Our human edge
Understanding your trading goal is integral to what we do. Our global team of quant analysts and sales traders constantly measure trading performance to design optimized custom execution strategies that meet your goals.

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Global reach
A worldwide footprint providing access and in-market expertise in over 130 markets worldwide.

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Open connectivity
A philosophy that enables you to trade with us in the way that best suits your workflow - not ours.

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Protecting your information
We maintain processes and controls to make sure your trading information is protected. You have the right to expect effective protections when it comes to safeguarding your orders and execution.

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Commitment to innovation
Innovation isn't linear, it can bring big or small leaps forward. What you can be sure of is our commitment to continuous enhancements or 'marginal gains' to help enhance your performance.

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Advanced technology
Our commitment to providing state-of-the-art trading infrastructure paired with our execution consulting expertise, can become your competitive advantage.

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Global reach Local expertise, global access

With on-the-ground traders covering 130 markets worldwide, UBS provides quality, local expertise. Orienting you to a new region or helping you replicate the style of a domestic algorithm in a foreign market are just a couple of the services our specialists can provide.

Open Connectivity How would you like to trade with us?

Our open connectivity policy means you can trade equities, US equity options and futures with us however you prefer - via our own EMS UBS Pinpoint, any of our third party EMS or OMS vendors, or your own proprietary trading systems.

Our full electronic trading suite can be delivered through UBS Pinpoint, or "à la carte". Our overall goal is to help our clients to pursue best execution every day.

Please contact us to find out which platforms and networks we connect to.

Advanced Technology Why settle for bells and whistles, when you can have a competitive edge?

In today's markets, electronic execution providers must anticipate your evolving needs and have a detailed understanding of changing market structure. We need to go beyond delivering mere trading tools.

Our strategies, transaction cost analysis platforms and execution management systems need to be fully integrated with your overall workflow, decision-making and performance management processes.

We also need to meet the challenges of a global, multi-asset marketplace. This means:

  • Delivering real-time market data.
  • Giving you the ability to trade using DMA and UBS algorithms in every major market.
  • Building and maintaining an infrastructure within today's complex global market structure which is equipped to handle any instrument, in any currency, with high speed and broad functionality.  Our own EMS has been developed with this in mind.
  • Providing you with live support that "follows the sun", so no matter where or when you are sending us electronic orders, you can reach a human being at UBS who can not only provide technical support – but also regional trading expertise.

We provide true execution consulting, where high tech meets high touch. And that's how advanced technology can become your competitive advantage.

Protecting your information We maintain procedures and controls to make sure your trading information is as protected as it should be

We understand the impact of information leakage on your execution quality. So that's why we protect your information internally and externally.

Your electronic order information is safeguarded within UBS Electronic Trading - Equities through physical personnel and information barriers and we have put robust policies in place to control access to our order management systems.

Commitment to innovation It's good to have a partner that helps you today. Isn't it better to have one that is ready for tomorrow?

Unsettle what seems to be settled. Challenge "conventional wisdom". Look for the gaps. Keep pushing the envelope. That's what we do, because you should expect no less. Ingenuity is no accident, it's a discipline that must be continually practiced every day.

Our market-leading team1 draws talented people from across the globe and from many fields of expertise, and includes: traders, financial market structure experts, mathematicians and quantitative analysts, technologists, desktop interface designers and software engineers.

What do we offer? Today, execution partners need to deliver more than ever before.
That's why we are dedicated to providing you with:

Unique Liquidity

We provide access to deep and diverse liquidity tailored to fit our clients' execution strategies alongside our market leading non-displayed liquidity pools1, unique to UBS

Execution Consultancy

Understanding your trading goals is integral to what we do. Our global team of quant analysts and sales traders measure trading performance to design optimized custom execution strategies.

Algorithmic Trading

Our next generation algorithms are "smarter" than industry predecessors: subtler, more self-adaptive and built to target your specific tracking goals and mimic your trading style.

Market Access

Our DMA platform has the speed, reliability, and flexibility to help improve the trading performance of your orders, wherever you trade.

UBS Quant HQ

Combines our insight and expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide quantitative traders with tailored access to the wide range of UBS Global Investment Services