Technology with a human edge

Unlocking global liquidity

Our liquidity is not just deep, broad and diverse. It's unique too. And it's everywhere.

Our global algorithms

Our algorithms are designed to access liquidity, minimize market impact and optimize your performance.

Execution consultancy

We recognize the value of human insight supported by the right technology and analytics framework.

Global reach

A worldwide footprint providing access and in-market expertise in over 130 markets worldwide.

Market access

Our DMA platform has the speed, reliability, and flexibility to help improve the trading performance of your orders, wherever you trade.

Transaction Cost Analysis

Our trade analytic tools, delivered via UBS Neo, give our clients the intelligence they need.

UBS Quant Solutions

UBS Quant Solutions provides a wide range of services designed for clients employing quantitative investment strategies.

Protecting your information

We maintain processes and controls to make sure your trading information is protected.


Global reach

Local expertise, global access

With on-the-ground traders covering 130 markets worldwide, UBS provides quality, local expertise. Orienting you to a new region or helping you replicate the style of a domestic algorithm in a foreign market are just a couple of the services our specialists can provide.


Protecting your information

We maintain procedures and controls to make sure your trading information is as protected as it should be

We understand the impact of information leakage on your execution quality. So that's why we protect your information internally and externally.

Your electronic order information is safeguarded within UBS Electronic Trading - Equities through physical personnel and information barriers and we have put robust policies in place to control access to our order management systems.