We are a pioneer in advanced trading technology and are recognized as one of the world’s premier providers of market-making and execution services in the foreign exchange and precious metals markets.1 Our clients benefit from leveraging our global franchise and world-wide network by connecting to a full front-to-back eFX offering, including pre-trade market insight and sales commentary, execution, prime brokerage and post-trade services.

Whether you are looking to form or refine your investment decisions, implement hedging or investment strategies across multiple execution channels or follow-up or analyse your trading activities, UBS is committed to pushing the boundaries to deliver deep liquidity and electronic market access to our clients.

As markets evolve, we are continually investing in the development of our pricing, product availability, distribution capabilities and low-latency trading technology. This only reaffirms our commitment to offer the best eFX technology and services to our clients.

Cash FX

Single Bank vs. Multibank, Direct API vs. Vendor API, Principal vs. Execution Services - the FX landscape is complex so we give our clients the choice and flexibility in how they can connect to our FX liquidity.

We work in partnership with our clients to help them evaluate the best product for their FX needs whether that is for hedging or investment purposes, and are committed to providing our clients with the FX Cash liquidity and channel access they need, how and when they need it.

Comprehensive Coverage

    • 50 currencies supported and trading capabilities in over 550 cross-currency pairs across spot, forwards and swaps in major and emerging markets
    • Trade non-deliverable forwards (NDF offshore) currency pairs in the APAC, EMEA and LATAM regions
    • Access a wide variety of order strategies, including: single-leg limits and stops, if-done, multi-leg if-done, one-cancels-the-other (OCO) and if-done OCO
    • Leverage the strength of our STIR capabilities to execute FX Swaps even in a low rates environment
    • For UBS Neo users additional features available include integrated blotters providing multi-channel view of all cash FX trades (voice, electronic, Multi-Dealer), quick order panels for efficient manual and automatic order execution and liquidity ladders to show depth of the market

    Execution Channels available

    • UBS Neo
    • Multi-Dealer Network
    • Direct API

    FX Algo Execution

    Our suite of algorithmic strategies combine advanced technology and trading logic with extensive FX market expertise, designed for clients that are looking for optimal execution performance, to capture price improvement and minimize market impact.

    Comprehensive coverage

    • Dedicated team of global electronic sales traders and support
    • You set the parameters of your execution to match your trading style
    • Connectivity to an extensive liquidity network made up of UBS, ECNs and Futures exchanges
    • Comprehensive post-trade reporting on all algo executions providing transparency

    UBS FX Algorithmic Strategies

    • UBS ORCA-Direct
      ORCA-Direct looks to fill urgently using liquidity from UBS Principal, ECNs & correlated Futures instruments. It is best used when wanting to be filled urgently, using a wide range of liquidity sources
    • UBS Tap
      Tap is an intelligent volume based algo. It executes in line with a target participation band chosen through urgency. Within a selected band, Tap can speed up or slow down to take advantage of price movements and changes in spreads
    • UBS Float
      Float is a pegged order allowing you to float an order passively. Peg an order to the bid, ask or mid-point of the market, without having to constantly adjust your limit price
    • UBS TWAP
      Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) is a time-based order that attempts to trade at an even pace over a specified time
    • UBS VWAP
      Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is a volume-based order that trades in line with historic UBS market volume over the time you specify

    Execution Channels available

    You can access UBS FX algos via UBS Neo, direct FIX API & third-party providers including 360T, Bloomberg, Flextrade, FXConnect, FXall, Portware & Trading Screen

    FX Options

    UBS Neo Trade Pricer FX

    Built on our proprietary UBS Neo platform, Trade Pricer FX moves away from the traditional quote-and-price driven model to a full-service approach that helps you trade more effectively. T-Pricer FX aims to change the way the industry views FX Options, raising the bar on idea generation and helping you to monetize your positions over the lifetime of your trade. Learn more about T-Pricer FX here.

    Other Execution Channels

    We also offer FX Options execution through leading multi-dealer platforms and APIs where you will also benefit from our market expertise, depth of liquidity and execution choice across a range of Vanilla, Exotic and Multi-Leg products in 300+ currency pairs.2

    Comprehensive coverage

    • Dedicated team of global electronic sales, traders and support
    • Live streaming prices available around-the-clock
    • G10, Emerging Market and Precious Metals supported
    • Vanillas supported:
      • Vanilla, Straddle, Strangle, Risk Reversal, Spread, Calendar Spread
    • 1st Gen Exotics supported:
      • Generic barrier, knock-out (KO), knock-in (KI), reverse knock-out (RKO), reverse knock-in (RKI), European RKO, European RKI, European KIKO, RKO with rebate
      • Pay outs and digitals supported: Touch, no-touch, double no-touch, digital, digital barrier
      • Structures supported: Knock-out forward, knock-in forward, European knock-in forward, double knock-in forward, reset forward
    • 2nd Gen Exotics supported:
      • Accumulators, TARF, Pivot TARF, RTPF, TARF Discrete KO (all allowing various options like Loss Cap, Variable Data, Conditional, etc…)
    • Tradeable volatility grid (also available as an API)
    • Dual-mode pricer solver functionality and strip building functionality

    Execution Channels available

    • UBS Neo
    • Direct API
    • Multi-Dealer Network

    Precious Metals

    Our precious metal business has a heritage of superior execution, wide product coverage and strong liquidity access developed over the 80 years of active participation in the market. Our global network of precious metals sales analysis and trading specialists help you analyse the local and global perspectives, and turn thought into execution through our extensive precious metals electronic execution capabilities.

    Comprehensive coverage

    • Electronic execution across Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
    • Multi order types supported including Spot, Forwards, Swaps and Options
    • Options supported range from vanillas, barriers, digitals to multi-legs exotics
    • Algo precious metals execution and post-trade reporting3
    • Competitive block trading
    • Dedicated global network of precious metals focused market insight and research professionals
    • Connectivity to our wealth management and commodities teams
    • Strong non-electronic franchise in vaulting, shipping, transporting, OTC clearing and market making in precious metals

    Execution Channels available

    • UBS Neo
    • Direct API
    • Multi-Dealer Network