With regulatory changes driving more interest rates products onto electronic venues, coupled with increasingly fragmented liquidity, our global team of eRates experts provide clarity when navigating the complex electronic rates landscape to find the right solution to suit your trading strategy.

Whether you want to trade short or long term rates through our principal or execution services businesses, our dedication and targeted approach to product delivery ensures you full transparency when executing trades. This means better pricing, more consistent liquidity and greater choice in where you execute your cash and derivatives trading strategies electronically.

Our pricing can be found on all the major third-party platforms, such as Bloomberg and Tradeweb, as well as on our NEO platform.

Additionally, as algorithmic trading becomes increasingly prevalent and mature, so too do our own purpose-built listed derivatives execution strategies. We offer levels of customization that enable you to execute your trade in line with your goals, capture price improvements, minimize market impact and, ultimately, achieve execution.

  • Interest Rate Swaps, Spot and Forwards-EUR/USD/GBP/CHF/SEK/AUD/NZD/JPY
  • Interest Rate Swaptions – EUR/GBP/USD/AUD 
  • Conventional Government Bonds
  • Global Inflation products 
  • Supranational and Agency Bonds (SSAs)
  • Covered Bonds
  • Cash and Derivatives STIR/Cross-currency basis
  • US Agencies 
  • MBS Swaps
  • Total Return Swaps
  • Repos and Securities Lending

Interest Rate Swaps

Our electronic rates specialists and extensive liquidity network facilitate executions in a range of G10 interest rate swaps and forwards across all leading multi-dealer venues. Our sales and trading analysis commentary allows you to stay up to date on macro and local developments, providing clarity on the potential impacts on your rates trading strategy.

Comprehensive coverage:

    • Extensive USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, SEK, AUD and NZD capability
    • Competitive pricing across all leading multi dealer venues
    • Forwards, IMMs, MACs, Curves and Butterflies
    • Competitive 2-way live streaming prices
    • Algorithmic capabilities
      • Market making algorithms for EUR, USD and GBP IRS. Price suggesting algorithms in JPY, CHF, SEK and AUD. Includes pricing of outrights, forwards, curves, flies, MACs and packages

    Execution channel available:

    • Tradeweb, Bloomberg

    Cash Bonds and Inflation

    As the global cash rates market becomes more electronic and execution styles change to embrace this move, we have developed an innovative network of market access and connectivity to liquidity across a range of government bonds and global inflation products.

    Comprehensive product coverage:

    • No. 1 in US TIPS on Bloomberg1
    • No. 1 ranked dealer in AUD/NZD govvies and Inflation2
    • No. 1 ranked dealer in AUD/NZD IRS2
    • US Treasuries
    • Cross currency markets and covered bonds
    • Repo and securities lending

    Execution channel available:

    • Tradeweb, Bloomberg, BondVision