UBS Bond Port All the connectivity, liquidity and support our clients need

Anonymity and liquidity. The perfect trading combination.

Created with the most determined traders in mind

Built on the decades of experience UBS has in the Fixed Income markets, and our commitment to innovation and market efficiency, UBS Bond Port provides our clients with direct access to a broad and deep pool of clients and UBS liquidity in one single hub. What’s more, when your quotes interact with UBS Bond Port they will be kept strictly anonymous1 and have the opportunity for price improvement by sending quotes inside the bid/ask spread – or at whatever target level chosen.2 All trades will be facilitated by the FRC Execution Services team and the counterparty will always be UBS.



Extensive client and volume growth for the platform

2,400 liquidity sources, one established trading platform3

World-class technology with a human edge

UBS Bond Port offers a single-platform trading with:

  • Access to rates and credit bonds in multiple currencies3
  • Option to leave resting inquiries with the UBS FRC Execution Services team
  • On average 1,300 trades a day and over 800 unique clients active every month3
  • Availability of minimum-trade size and “All or None” functionality

Absolute control at your fingertips

  • Seek to improve prices by sending inquiries inside the bid/ask spread – or at whatever target level chosen5
  • Immediately execute or click to trade
  • ‘Follow the sun’ trading - Singapore/Zurich/London/New York
  • Trade with a known counterparty – UBS
  • Choose UBS Bond Port as an RFQ
  • Full range of post-trade options
  • Firm prices also available via Bloomberg ECN



See how you can connect

Trade right across the global market Manage bids and offers anywhere inside the spread, giving seamless integration to your current allocation process

Benefits of UBS Bond Port.


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