How can I write my family's future?

What about when I’m gone?

It‘s not easy projecting yourself into the future. To see what‘s around the next bend. And know which direction to take. But one day, you‘ll stop and look back at the decisions you made along the way. And you‘ll appreciate the financial plan you put in place that allowed you to fully enjoy the ride.

Planning for a time when you’re no longer around may seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. We’re here to take the uncertainty out of preparing for the future. All it takes is an open conversation about what you want for your family. Of course, you’ll have questions. But together we can find the answers. And the earlier you start planning, the earlier you’ll be ready.

Questions to ask yourself

It’s a good idea to start early to make your financial plan as effective as possible. But there’s a lot to consider. Begin by asking yourself these three questions:

Expect future


of people expect future events to be positive, even when they only remember 69% of past events to be positive.*

Am I setting my family up for success?

It’s never too early to talk to your children about money: how it was made, how you should manage it, and why it doesn’t define you. Does your family have the right perspective on wealth?

How do I start the conversation?

It may seem like an uncomfortable topic to discuss. But simply starting to talk through your plans is half the battle. And the more honest you are about how you’d like to pass on your wealth, the easier the discussion becomes.

How do I want to pass on my wealth?

You want to give your children access to the best opportunities in life. But you also understand that the challenges you faced helped to get you where you are. How do you leave a legacy which serves their best interests?

Proper planning

Without proper planning, individuals could lose up to


of their fortunes through inheritance taxes.**

If you want to know more

Keeping up with the latest insights can give you great ideas for making the most of your wealth.

How can wealth management help?

Very simply, we help you put a wealth plan in place for the future. Think of it like a buffer that aims to cushion any financial shocks and helps you stay on track to meet your goals.

And when you choose UBS Wealth Management, you get a trusted partner who can guide your financial decisions for years to come.

“Clients often underestimate the need for proper succession planning within the many ways of living together. The current legal framework is only sufficient in very few cases. Planning helps keep things on track, and identify and minimize possible areas of conflict."

Wealth Planner,
UBS Switzerland AG

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