Questions and answers

Who can file an application?

Non-profit organizations in Switzerland planning a project in our funding areas of work integration, career entry or learning and qualifications.

We will gladly accept your application if your project meets our foundation’s support criteria. If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation Office in advance.

What documents are required for an application?

  • Cover letter
  • Fully completed application form(DOC, 86 KB)
  • Detailed project description (contents, target group, targets, schedule)
    Please indicate the sub-project, purchase etc. for which the requested funds could be used.
  • Detailed project budget with financing plan: costs, own contributions, income, including overview of contributions requested from and awarded by other grant bodies (ongoing updating desired)
  • Sponsor information (annual report, annual financial statements, articles of association, tax exemption, commercial register record, etc.)
  • Media reports if available

Where do I submit the application?

Please send your application, including the application form and all attachments, to

Please note the size limitation of 15 MB. Larger data volumes can also be sent as WinZip files or in multiple emails.

When can I submit an application?

The Foundation Office accepts and screens applications on an ongoing basis. The Foundation Board makes award decisions on applications that meet the funding criteria at its semi-annual meetings. These meetings are preceded by a roughly three-month-long preparatory period. We recommend submitting your applications early, as funding is not granted retroactively.

How much funding can I expect to receive?

Our financial resources are unfortunately limited. To include as many applications as possible, we provide one-time project grants that generally range from CHF 5000 to CHF 50 000. The Foundation Board determines the grant amounts. See our annual reports for information regarding our grants.

Who decides on approval of my application and when?

The Foundation Office reviews your application with reference to the funding criteria and will generally notify you within four weeks whether your application can be considered. Applications that meet the funding criteria are reviewed by an expert commission before the Foundation Board meetings. Applications that pass this review are presented to the Foundation Board for an award decision. The Foundation Board makes the final decision at its semi-annual meetings held in the spring and autumn.