Support criteria

We support projects in our three grant areas...

  • of established and charitable organizations with a track record of experience and performance
  • that are charitable and have a wide group of beneficiaries
  • that meet a need and are of practical use to the target group
  • that achieve a direct and sustainable impact on the beneficiaries
  • that have entrepreneurial, creative and innovative approaches for the solving social problems

The following are not supported...

  • projects outside Switzerland
  • projects outside our grant areas of Employment integration, Career entry, Learning & Qualification
  • projects without any direct impact on the beneficiaries
  • individual persons (no individual case assistance, e.g. for training courses or financial emergency)
  • research projects, including master's theses, dissertations and habilitation dissertations
  • operating and maintenance costs
  • deficit contributions and deficit guarantees and loans or funds
  • salary and personnel costs
  • projects that have already concluded / investments already made (no retrospective financing)
  • projects in the area of accommodation and therapy
  • projects in the area of sensitization, information, clarification, prevention
  • projects for private tuition or homework assistance
  • pure advisory and coaching activities
  • language courses
  • leisure activities
  • projects relating to music, culture and athletics
  • individual events like anniversaries, seminars, conferences, congresses, symposia, exhibitions, festivals
  • general services in the public sector (such as hospitals, private schools)
  • fund-raising, sponsoring