Examples 2022

Association Le Transit, Sembrancher

The Swiss Red Cross Canton of Bern, the Labour Integration Office for Bern and the recycling company Thommen are coming together for a labour integration project: they are running a qualification program to enable recipients of social benefits to undergo a multi-month training program in recycling. Hands-on shifts at recycling companies are offered alongside the theoretical training, with the aim of enabling participants to take up follow-on solutions in the primary labour market upon completion.

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education is supporting this innovative collaboration between the two social institutions and the private sector with a contribution of CHF 50 000.

Fondazione La Fonte, Lugano

The buildings of the Fondazione La Fonte in Neggio are outdated and no longer meet the needs of people with cognitive, physical and psychological impairments. The new «Fonte 3» building will provide clients living, working and lounge areas. In the three newly designed occupation studios, the residents experience a daily structure and are given the opportunity to be creatively active, engage in movement activities and train their cognitive skills, among other things.

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education is providing CHF 25 000 to help furnish the occupation studios in the new building.

Stiftung papilio, Altdorf

In addition to constructing a replacement building, Stiftung papilio is also renovating its outdated school building with integrated special needs day school, which offers lessons and individual support to children aged between five and 18 with autism spectrum disorder or severe behavioral impairment. disorders will have lessons and receive individual support at the school. The renovated classrooms and suitable new furnishing will give the children a low-stimulus learning environment that meets their needs. In addition, the new, comprehensive school offer and supplementary daycare options will enable more kids to be schooled.

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education is providing CHF 40 000 to refurnish three classrooms in the renovated building.

Verein Brüggli, Romanshorn

Brüggli has various areas of activity, including media, food service and industrial enterprises. Its division, «Brügglis Informatik», is training over 20 apprentices who face social, physical and mental health difficulties. They work in a real-world environment at the in-house IT laboratory where they expand their specialist knowledge and gain practical work experience. New facilities were obtained as part of reorganising the headquarters, with the IT laboratory being extended and modernised. This opens up more trainee positions and enables the young professionals to learn the latest methods and technologies.

The UBS Foundation for Social Issues and Education is providing CHF 30 000 to help furnish the extended IT laboratory.