Q & A

Who is eligible for a grant?

Swiss professional artists, individuals engaged in the field of culture and the humanities, and foreign professionals with permanent residence in Switzerland as well as cultural projects of artists with a particular focus on Switzerland. We gladly accept your file as long as you qualify for one of the specified subject fields and have taken note of the pertinent criteria (positive and negative). If you are unsure, please contact the Foundation Office by phone for clarification.

Who decides on my proposal, and when?

The proposals are assessed in a three-step procedure. First, the Foundation Office ascertains whether the proposal complies with the general guidelines and the criteria of the respective subject field. Proposals that qualify are then reviewed by an expert committee prior to the meeting of the Foundation Board. Proposals that pass review are then submitted to the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board takes a final decision at the next of its semi-annual meetings (in spring and autumn respectively).

How am I informed on the status of the evaluation process?

The Foundation Office confirms the receipt of your proposal and informs you on the estimated duration of the evaluation process, but otherwise we do not provide information on the status of processing. If your proposal is turned down we will inform you in writing and return your documents. If the Foundation Board approves your proposal and awards you a grant, we will inform you in writing and explain the next steps to be taken.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation Office of UBS Culture Foundation by phone or email.