Heritage Conservation & Archaeology

The UBS Culture Foundation supports the preservation, research and mediation of Cultural Property in the fields of heritage conservation and archaeology. In particular, it is committed to the restoration of listed monuments of national and regional significance, as well as to research and mediation projects in Switzerland.

We support

  • Projects for the restoration and conservation of publicly accessible buildings and archaeological sites under monument protection, listed in the «Swiss Inventory for the protection of cultural property with objects of national and regional importance». Contributions are directed to measures preserving the substance
  • Projects to research and/or mediate scientific knowledge in the fields of archaeology and heritage conservation

We do not support

  • Organizations that are not based in Switzerland resp. persons without Swiss nationality or permanent residence in Switzerland
  • Restoration of historical means of transport (trains, ships, etc.)
  • Renovations with a commercial background
  • New constructions or the provision of infrastructure
  • Projects in the context of education and advanced training