Examples 2020

Fabiano Alborghetti, La balma dei cervi, novel

Hier und Jetzt Verlag, «Jeder Frau ihre Stimme», publication

«Jeder Frau ihre Stimme. 50 Jahre Schweizer Frauengeschichte 1971–2021 (A vote for every woman: 50 years of Swiss women's history,1971–2021)» was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of women’s enfranchisement in Switzerland. Seven historians from different generations have written essays about what has been done for gender equality in Switzerland since the introduction of women’s right to vote. In addition, an influential woman was profiled to represent each decade. The result is an incisive overview of the last fifty years of women's history in Switzerland.

The UBS Culture Foundation provided CHF 5000 to support the development of the publication.

Dreampixies Sàrl, Citoyen Nobel, documentary film

Claudia Comte

Claudia Comte received a recognition grant for her internationally renowned achievements. She is known for her large-format sculptures and spatial installations made of wood, ceramic, bronze and marble. Her work is characterised by an interest in manual crafts and materials. The artist combines geometric forms and graphical patterns with different media, such as sculpture, painting and printed graphics, which she stages spatially. Her works are part of important collections, including at MoMA in New York.

The recognition grant from the UBS Cultural Foundation amounts to CHF 15 000.

Kartause Ittingen Foundation, premiere of the piece “Atlas” by Helena Winkelman

Église Notre-Dame de la Visitation

The Église Notre-Dame de la Visitation in the centre of Martigny is one of the most remarkable 17th century religious buildings in Valais. The exhibition’s route through the church and the archaeological site in the basement were restored and furnished with interactive devices. Visitors of all ages will thus be able to experience the history of the site, which goes back to the second century BCE. They will receive a detailed look into the site’s remnants, the beginnings of Christianity in Martigny and learn interesting information about how the church was built.
The UBS Culture Foundation is supporting the project with CHF 20 000.

Kartause Ittingen Foundation, premiere of the piece “Atlas” by Helena Winkelman

Fondation du CIMA, Musée Unique, Sainte-Croix

The rich history of watchmaking and art mechanics in the Sainte-Croix region are at the heart of a new museum and centre of excellence in Sainte-Croix. The extensive collections of the Musée des arts et sciences, the Musée Baud and the Musée du Centre International de la Mécanique d’Art are to be made accessible to the public under a single roof. This will therefore promote synergies between different stakeholders, such as in conservation and documentation, between artisans and schools or for education and teaching. At the same time, this intangible cultural heritage will once more be appreciated with international renown.
The UBS Culture Foundation is supporting the project with CHF 10 0000.

Conobs GmbH

Conobs GmbH, documentary: «Tamina – Wann war es immer so?»

Co-directors Beat Oswald and Samuel Weniger travel to the Tamina valley, attracted by the presence of the wolf. Starting at the village of Vättis in the canton of St. Gallen and its residents, the filmmakers explore the valley, the boundary between natural and cultural spaces and how society and its individuals deal with changes – and not just those brought by the wolf. The search for the wolf turns into a search for humankind’s place in this world. A place that needs to be renegotiated time and again, despite some people saying that things have always been like this.
The UBS Culture Foundation is supporting the production with CHF 20 000.

Verein Literatur

Verein Literatur, Berner Literaturfest 2020

The Berner Literaturfest takes place every other year in Bern’s old town and other sites across the region. The festival enables an encounter with around 40 regional, national and international authors of both well-known and little-known literary works. Guests include Jonas Lüscher, Melinda Nadj Abonji, Lukas Bärfuss, Judith Hermann and Andrej Kurkow.
The 2020 festival edition is supported with a project grant of CHF 10 000.

Verein ZeitRäume Basel

Verein ZeitRäume Basel, ZeitRäume 2021

ZeitRäume Basel is a biennial for music and architecture, with the aim of bringing together these two disciplines and appealing to a broad audience. The programme for this innovative festival includes premières of works by Michel Roth, Barblina Meierhans, Wanja Aloé, Cathy van Eck, Katharina Rosenberger and Marianne Schuppe. They have been commissioned to create pieces shaped by surprising combinations of space and sound, giving the audience the opportunity to participate and interact.
The UBS Culture Foundation is funding the 4th iteration of the festival with a project grant of CHF 10 000.