Priority projects

Through its Priority projects area, the UBS Culture Foundation supports cultural projects of all disciplines that are of superregional or national significance with contributions of between 30’000 and 100’000 Swiss francs. We support projects with a clear connection to Switzerland and which are adequately co-financed be other public or private donors. Special interest is given to projects with pioneering, pilot and experimental character.

We do not support

  • Individuals
  • Recurring projects and events (except in terms of start-up funding)
  • Projects of a primarily sociocultural nature
  • Infrastructure or operational costs
  • Projects that are part of a school curriculum or a further education
  • Dance or theatre productions
  • Publications

All proposals are subject to a preliminary check by the Foundation Office before applications can be submitted. Please send a short description of your project to If your proposal passes the preliminary check, you will be provided with an application form. Proposals for projects that clearly match the criteria for one of the other six support areas should be submitted to the appropriate division.