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Partnering and investing in the FinTech and startup ecosystem to ensure the best future for our clients.

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We launched UBS Next to identify new venture opportunities within the start-up ecosystem and to further enhance technology-driven growth. It is a next step for us to further engage with fintechs and to accelerate our innovation efforts. We believe that a lot of the innovation in the financial industry will be driven by the fintech ecosystem. Collaborating is mutually beneficial and allows us to be even more nimble in our innovation journey. Besides yielding a return-on-investment, UBS Next pursues mainly a strategic purpose focusing on enabling UBS key strategic priorities (with acceptable financial returns) such as:

  • Co-develop digital innovation and ecosystem through collaboration, research and innovation pipeline management, facilitated by centers of excellence
  • Modernize and modularize technical estates leveraging new technologies, such as public cloud, microservices architecture, artificial intelligence (AI), and front-to-back automation
  • Finding new and effective ways to engage with our clients and deliver our services, as well as evolving our business model to drive growth across UBS with cutting edge technologies and solutions.

UBS Next is investing in the short term in: infrastructure enablers (e.g. automation & artificial intelligence, cloud & connectivity), business enablers in the areas of financing, client interaction and investing (e.g. digital lending, digital client channels, digital wealth management) and soon in foundational core technologies, innovative next gen business models and potentially disruptive technologies.

UBS Next is primarily pursuing minority direct investments into early stage (mostly series A / B) fintechs and tech companies with strategic and financial relevance (i.e. direct business/client impact or catalyst for platform/process improvements).

In line with the UBS business footprint, UBS Next has a global investment scope which enables our businesses in all regions – but with the primary focus on Europe, North America, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We are looking for a mid to long-term investment horizon of 5 to 10 years, depending on the specific performance opportunities in the market. This is by no means though a binding constraint.