The 2024 award will be open from September 2024. Please check back then.


The winner will receive a cash prize of USD 10,000, we also recognize a 'rising star of 2023' and shortlisted nominees have a chance to enter Project Female Founder 2024, where they will benefit from coaching around investor readiness, mentoring and networking. Finalists will also receive  access to experienced entrepreneurs, venture capital firms and connect with UBS Next, the firm’s venture and innovation unit.

There was such a high calibre of nominees for the award and I didn’t think we’d be in with a chance. I think that’s really inspiring in a way – there is a significant shift happening in terms of fintech founders coming from more diverse backgrounds, and it is really empowering to see so many amazing female entrepreneurs in the front of that change.

Danielle Lawrence, Founder and CEO of Freyda, winner of the 2022 UBS Female Founder Award


The image shows a timeline of the 2023 Female Founder award beginning with launch date of 14th Sept 2023 and ending with the intake of the project female founder cohort in Feb 2024. The other noted dates are: 13th Oct 2023 Submission phase, 30th Nov 2023 Evaluation Phase and 14th Dec Online Award Ceremony listed in chronological order.

Why we care

The funding gap

Why is this award important?

In 2021, UBS published a report entitled: “The funding gap: Investors and female entrepreneurs”,  which examined the reasons behind why female entrepreneurs receive less funding than male counterparts.  As a result, female entrepreneurs lack equal opportunities to innovate and build successful companies that can contribute to the global economy. There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that women entrepreneurs, who receive funding, develop businesses that perform as well – or even better – than their male counterparts, which suggests that investors are missing out on attractive investment opportunities.

Find out more about how UBS supports female founders on their entrepreneurial journey, here.