In October, the third reset day for our unified agile way of working took place. Now, more than 18,500 colleagues are part of Agile@UBS and are helping us to innovate faster and release product improvements more frequently. At the same time, Agile@UBS creates an even more data-centric and self-service experience for clients.

Agile@UBS is organised in pods. These are dedicated teams of five-to-nine colleagues working together to achieve a goal. These pods are grouped together to form crews.

Within Agile@UBS, we have three types of crew. Client-facing crews, enabling crews and platform crews. When crews within Agile@UBS are working towards a common purpose, we form streams. Streams are collections of 7-9 crews. Together, pods, crews and streams are the building blocks of Agile@UBS.

Reporting lines are managed differently in this structure via chapters. Chapters are managed by one person, who is an expert in their profession. Chapters meet regularly and are a community for professional development, support and guidance.

Additionally, within Agile@UBS, there are structures that help to learn, grow, and share own knowledge and skills. We call these guilds. A guild is a community of employees with the same profession or interest.