Employee Networks


Our cultural awareness network connects colleagues from different cultural backgrounds and provides a platform for exchanges and networking. At the core is fostering a deeper understanding of cross-cultural dynamics and bringing people together to recognize and celebrate special days.


Our ability network focuses on highlighting and supporting the various abilities of our employees and includes workstreams on neurodiversity. The network is a key partner in driving and embedding our disability inclusion strategy across the firm. The network connects employees to foster disability inclusion, drive awareness and foster a welcoming and inclusive culture for everyone.


Our family network recognizes that families come in different shapes, forms and configurations, and that they evolve over time. The network helps employees manage their professional and family lives by providing information and resources for wellbeing and broader family relationships. Employees can access support through subject matter experts, research and shared personal experiences.


Our women's network welcomes all employees to connect and be part of building an inclusive workplace. There is a focus on allyship, that promotes the recruitment, retention and advancement of women who are still under-represented in the finance industry. Employees can benefit from networking, mentoring, skills-building and leadership opportunities.


Our young professionals’ network focuses on connecting colleagues and providing development opportunities for the next generation of talent. For our experienced professionals, the network provides learning forums, information on internal career paths and networking events. Additionally, cross-generational collaboration provides opportunities to connect and learn from each other.


Our Pride network aims to create and support a diverse and inclusive environment where all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can feel accepted, valued and comfortable being open about their individuality. A range of allyship initiatives, events and information forums are provided for employees.

Race and ethnicity

Our race and ethnicity network promotes, supports and celebrates the rich ethnic diversity of our employees across UBS. The network fosters awareness and education, engagement in the community, coaching and mentorship. It's open to play an active role in strengthening our diverse and inclusive workplace.


Our wellbeing network aims to build a healthy culture from both mental and physical perspectives. The focus is on increasing awareness of health and wellbeing topics, promoting a culture of openness and authenticity. The network provides a range of opportunities to engage with colleagues and further build a culture of inclusion.


Our veterans network is a community of veterans and colleagues with a shared interests in working together to leverage the skills and leadership qualities of our veterans for the benefit of our firm and our clients. Participants can benefit from networking sessions and professional development opportunities. Additionally, the networks encourage philanthropic efforts to raise awareness of veterans issues and for those who support them.