EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation


This content is intended to provide transparency on offerings for investors of selected UBS Legal entities in the scope of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), as well as on the integration of sustainability risks, the consideration of principal adverse sustainability impacts, sustainable products that promote environmental or social characteristics and on products that have sustainable investment as its objective.

Sustainability risk information

Principal adverse impact

UBS Legal entities in scope of SFDR

  • UBS Europe SE
  • UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) SA
  • UBS Third Party Management Company SA
  • UBS Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH
  • UBS Real Estate GmbH
  • UBS Asset Management (Italia) SGR SpA
  • UBS (France) S.A.

For the following entities SFDR disclosures are not covered here, but instead provided via the website links below:

Sustainability-related product disclosures

Discretionary Mandates

Investment Funds

For website disclosures, please refer to your fund documentation

Location specific GWM offering

Last update: December 2022