Master Relationship Agreement (MRA) & Risk Disclosure Statement

UBS Important Notice of Client's Rights and Prohibiting Items for Bank Staff

Loan and Deposit Interest Calculation

Disclosures of Internet Marketing for Trust Business

Client Complaint Handling Procedure

Notice and Consent Letter for Personal Data Protection

GWM Business Privacy Policy for Client Data Sharing

GWM Business Privacy Policy for Client Data Sharing

If there is any personal data enquiry, please send an email to:

Suspending or Refusing Tele-marketing and Commercial Marketing

Client may request UBS to suspend or refuse tele-marketing and commercial marketing, please call UBS at 02-8722-7888, or email to for the details of the application process.

Structured Product reference price

Onshore Structured Product reference price

Investment Fund Channel Fee Disclosure

PRR Deterioration Instrument List and Name Change Event

Mutual Fund Product Introduction and Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure for Non-Investment Grade Bond Fund

UBS Wealth Management Taiwan Standard Fees and Commissions

Example of Maximum Spread on FX Spot and Forward

Important message and disclaimer of FX Options valuation report

Information on the fee rates and return rates for each share class of offshore funds / securities investment trust funds in the latest five (5) years

Source of information:  Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C. (SITCA), version of April 2024, for reference only.  This information includes funds not provided by the Bank, and the Bank has no obligation to provide any or all of the funds or fund share classes as included in such information.

Other Information

Notifications from Fund Houses for Temporary Swing Factor Change

Unregistered Funds Fee Information

Foreign Securities Dealing

The Foreign Securities Dealing business time: 9:00 – 19:00

Rights of Depositors

  • UBS is one of the participating institutions in CDIC deposit insurance. Effective from 1 January 2011, CDIC compensates each depositor for up to TWD3 million, the coverage of which only includes the items defined in the Deposit Insurance Act. Deposit insurance only covers domestic deposits, including its interest as well as deposits in foreign currency, but excluding deposits made at OBU.
  • Negotiable certificates of deposit, other financial products or trust asset invested in objects other than deposits, will not be covered by the deposit insurance.
  • Please refer to "Protection of Depositors" section of CDIC website for details.

Fund Remuneration Propaganda

In order to protect the investor's right and interests, also to avoid any behaviors of mis-selling, the investors are encouraged to visit the website of Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C. ("SITCA") for knowing the details of fund remuneration. UBS hereby provides the website of SITCA for your reference.
Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C. (Website:, please visit "Know more about Fund Remuneration" under "Fund Investment Propaganda")

Clients can ask the Bank to check the registration status of trust personnel with client-facing function where necessary indicating that clients can call the enquiry hot line (02-8722-7720) to ask for such information.

New UI Number for Foreign Nationals

Please contact your client advisor to update account profile due to replacement of new UI number for foreign nationals.

Anti-Money Laundering Bulletin

Providing personal account for criminal group's usage may be considered as abettor for criminal offense of fraud. According to Article 15 of the Money Laundering Control Act dated 28 December 2016, using false/pseudo name upon accounts opening with financial institutions or inappropriate acquisition of others' account may be subject to criminal liabilities. A gentle reminder - please manage your account properly. Do not provide or allow others to use your national ID cards, passbook, account number, ATM card or password.

Friendly Financial Service for Elderly and Disabled Clients

Bank would like to fulfill the friendly financial services for elderly and/or disabled clients and to provide appropriate services and measures to satisfy the needs of elderly and/or disabled clients.

If a client has any question, feedback, or needs which require further explanation / special assistance of the services from Bank, please feel free to consult with the Wealth Management Client Advisor. The Bank is more than happy to serve with any special needs that client may require.