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Where are UBS's headquarters?

UBS is headquartered in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland.

Where can I find information on UBS board and management?

Information on UBS's corporate & executive bodies can be found in our corporate governance section.

Where can I find information regarding UBS's history?

UBS AG was founded on 29 June 1998 only after the merger of Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Bank Corporation. But its many roots go back much further. Our "History" pages show the history of UBS AG and its predecessor banks and presents a selection of the most important dates and events.

What does 'UBS' stand for?

The name 'UBS' came from one of our predecessor firms - the Union Bank of Switzerland. However, just like other prominent brands which used to be an abbreviation of a company name, UBS is no longer considered an acronym.

What are UBS's activities on sustainability, corporate governance, community involvement, environment?

UBS is committed to meeting the highest international standards of corporate governance and responsibility. For more information, please view the "Corporate responsibility" and "Corporate governance" sections of our website.

Where can I get a list of UBS's subsidiaries?

The financial report contains information on UBS's significant subsidiaries & associates as well as the "Group structure" section of our corporate governance site.

Where can I find a list of UBS locations worldwide?

Please use the UBS Location Finder to find address, telephone number or opening hours of over 1000 branches worldwide.

What are UBS's current credit ratings?

For details of UBS's long term ratings, please see the 'Ratings' page in the "Corporate information" section.