Mentoring programs

At UBS, we understand that mentoring - both formal and informal - provides a way to increase the overall leadership and management capabilities of employees.

Mentoring programs

Because we're a highly decentralized global firm, we do not take a one size fits all approach to mentoring. Instead, we offer since many years a number of different programs that have grown organically based on different needs in each business and region.

A few examples include:

Women's Business Network Mentoring Program - In 2004, the Women's Business Network in Switzerland launched its "flagship" Women's Mentoring Program to support the professional and personal development of female employees at UBS. Each year up to 50 mentor/mentee pairs are matched through the network. The mentors and mentees meet regularly during one year to discuss career development, organizational know-how and day-to-day business challenges. Going forward, the aim is to increase the number of mentor/mentee relationships.

Global Equities Mentoring Program - The Global Equities Mentoring Program is open to both new hires and existing employees and has the key goals to improve the leadership and management within Global Equities, enhance personal and career development and assimilate new hires more quickly and effectively. It also helps the senior leadership within Global Equities to better understand and address key issues and trends within the business.