Program and initiatives in 2012

Our global diversity strategy is realized through action plans for each business division, integration into all our people processes and a range of regional initiatives. In 2012, we expanded our strategy to focus on new business development, particularly among underserved client groups. For example, Wealth Management Americas launched a program called “Elevating Entrepreneurs”. This program matches small business owners in underserved communities with a UBS financial advisor and a client who mentor the entrepreneur, providing strategic financial and business advice.

We continued to integrate diversity aspects into our workforce management and development processes during 2012, incorporating concepts like recognizing and avoiding unconscious bias into our leadership development offering. Business areas such as Finance sponsored training sessions for all of their employees aimed at minimizing the effects of unconscious bias.

In 2012, regional diversity teams worked with business and human resource leaders on diversity initiatives that were closely linked to regional talent strategies.

Regional highlights of 2012

  • In the US, we partnered with colleges and workforce development programs like "Year Up” and “NPower" to give diverse talent from underserved communities professional experience in a financial services firm. We hired, coached and mentored 20 diverse student interns in 2012.
  • We further extended a successful employee mentoring program in Switzerland that helps women Associate Directors and Directors focus on career progression.
  • We also piloted “TeilzeitMann,” a federally-funded project promoting gender equality and helping to remove barriers to part-time roles for men in Switzerland.
  • We hosted our third annual UK Diversity & Inclusion Week to raise awareness among employees about the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • We piloted mentoring programs for senior-level women in Hong Kong and Japan to increase their career development and networking opportunities.
  • In Singapore and Beijing, we held a series of events for female undergraduates to help them prepare for a successful job search upon graduation.
  • Ongoing recruitment initiatives in the US hired diverse financial advisors to help us better access underserved markets.
  • Our Pride (LGBT) networks in the UK and Hong Kong launched “straight allies” initiatives that substantially increased participation and support from all employees.
  • Our Cultural Awareness Network in Switzerland launched a series of employee driven cross-cultural programs that ultimately increased network membership by 400%.