Commercial linkage Diversity is what moves our business forward.

As Diversity becomes increasingly linked to our commercial success, each UBS business unit will come to "own" Diversity. And, as Diversity becomes fully integrated into everyday business practices, it will further define UBS's culture, becoming part of everyone's personal value set. It is at that convergence of commercial success and personal values that Diversity becomes truly self-sustaining. Although we are not there yet, we are well on our way.

Through Diversity we come together to meet our potential as a whole. Our workforce's distinct ambitions and talents will open markets, driving our mutual commercial success. That commercial success will in turn accelerate employee's personal and professional advancement.

We succeed by cultivating and combining the many talents of diverse individuals within our organization. With UBS, every employee's ambition, skills and commitment will make a difference.

Our differences define us. At UBS, those differences make the difference.