Complaints management

We take your complaint serious.

Make a complaint or provide feedback about service quality

Below you will find information on how we will deal with your complaint.

If you (as a client or non-client) have reason to be dissatisfied with the services of UBS Europe SE ("UBS"), please do not hesitate to contact us. For processing and handling of your complaint we obviously do not charge any additional fees:

UBS Europe SE
Complaints Management
Bockenheimer Landstraße 2-4
60306 Frankfurt/Main

You can also directly contact your client advisor. The client advisor will capture your complaint and will immediately inform the Complaints Handling Team.

Report misconduct of UBS staff

To report misconduct of UBS employees please follow the link below.

UBS employees should report misconduct via the internal channels provided.

Handling your complaint

We take your concern serious and will deal with it as quickly as possible. We will generally provide you with an acknowledgement letter, including a reference number and information regarding alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR) within 10 bank working days.

Upon completion of our investigation and conclusive assessment of your complaint we will provide you within one month with the result of our analysis and if applicable with details regarding next steps. Should we not be able to provide you with a conclusive analysis within this timeframe, we will inform you in a holding letter until when we will be able to come back with conclusive feedback.

If required UBS will submit information with regards to your complaint to the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) as the responsible German regulator.

Alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR)

As an alternative or if you are not satisfied with our final response you have the right to address your complaint for settlement to an alternative dispute resolution body (ADR). You are obviously also free to take legal actions. Unlike legal actions alternative dispute resolution bodies are free of charge and do not charge any fees to settle your complaint.

Amongst others, the following alternatives are available to settle your complaint.

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