SwissSkills 2018 in Bern Code for gold

UBS apprentices Janis Marty and Philipp Schmid competed in SwissSkills 2018. Watch the video to see how the two young application developers got on at the Swiss Skills Championships.

The UBS team: Philipp Schmid (20), André Zimmermann (38) and Janis Marty (18)

The big day arrived on September 12, 2018. The two UBS apprentices Janis Marty and Philipp Schmid took part in a competition held on the first day of SwissSkills 2018, the Swiss Skills Championships for application development. They had previously made it through the regional qualifications for a place in the big showdown.

The two candidates were accompanied by their trainer, André Zimmermann. The threesome had prepared scrupulously for the competition over the previous year – with a special support and training program developed by André.

An arena for programmers

The 22 young application developers gathered outside the gates of BERNEXPO at 8 in the morning. With a few last-minute tips from André, the UBS apprentices entered the ICTskills2018 arena (ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology) fully focused on the challenge ahead.

The competition was not easy, and demanded a great deal of concentration and perseverance from the participants. The task set for the young application developers was to develop a fully functional application within 7.5 hours.

On the day of the competition, Janis and Philipp both tapped into their full potential and made it into the top ten. Janis finished in tenth place and Philipp came ninth. Congratulations!

Relive the contest

The UBS participants were filmed by a camera team throughout the day. Watch the video and experience all the excitement of the competition up close.