Apprenticeships have a future

We engage in vocational education together with SwissSkills

The dual system of vocational education and training is a key factor to the success of our economy. As a training provider, this system is very close to our hearts. Together with SwissSkills, we promote apprenticeships and the Skills Competition. And as the presenting partner, we support the SwissSkills team in international competitions.

Apprenticeships have a future

As founding member and Presenting Partner of the SwissSkills Initiative, we have stepped up our commitment to apprenticeship training in 2017.

Three platforms for an effective apprenticeship

The SwissSkills Initiative engages in a broad-based, powerful and positive dialogue with the public on apprenticeship training.

The latest news on our commitment

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  • SwissSkills 2018 in Bern Code for gold

    UBS apprentices Janis Marty and Philipp Schmid competed in SwissSkills 2018. Watch the video to see how the two young application developers got on at the Swiss Skills Championships. More